Monday, March 31, 2008

Celeb Looks Recreated: Rachel McAdams and Drew Barrymore

Black White and Red is a Classic combination that's not going out of style anytime soon. Here 'The Notebook' actress Rachel McAdams and 'Charlie's Angel' Drew Barrymore show their love for the colorblock dress on the Red Carpet at different Events. I came a across a similar colorblock dress by Diane Von Furstenberg from Shopbop and some gorgeous peep toe pumps to re-create their celebrity style. As the dress I found is a tube dress as compared to the 3/4 sleeves on their Dress I've added a cropped cardigan that can be teamed with it. Hope you like it!
Rachel McAdams & Drew Barrymore

Retail: $248.50 On Sale:$355

Retail: $179.99 On Sale:$385

Retail: $109.95 On Sale:$49.97

Friday, March 21, 2008

Fashion Vs Style

Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn.
- Gore Vidal

In my last post I searched for various quotes and sayings on fashion and style and realized that a lot of people infact if asked, everyone seems to have a take on what fashion and style is to them, be it a positive or negative response. This got me thinking about what I feel about fashion and style. It's very difficult to express in words the thoughts and feelings this question brought up in me. ..but I'll give it a try anyway...though I may contradict myself at times.

“I dress for the image. Not for myself, not for the public, not for fashion, not for men.”
- Marlene Dietrich

STYLE : Style is an extension of yourself. It's attitude, personality and instinct. Style is not material. It's a form of expression, a statement and it's in the choices you make. Clothes are just one way of expressing your Style. If you wear blue jeans and a white t-shirt everyday of your life or wear the latest trends it says something about you and that's your style. It's not the actual clothes itself but what it conveys about you. Style is…something that evolves, matures, and changes over varied amounts of time. It can be influenced and inspired by your age, gender, culture, geographic locale, interests, emotions and a myriad of other factors. Most people express themselves through the the clothes they wear while others may hide through them. Style like everything else in our life comes down to CHOICE. You choose what you show the world about yourself through your style and the clothes you wear. And you can also deceive not only the world but yourself by dressing and portraying your style as something your not - knowingly or unknowingly.

FASHION: When it comes to Fashion I agree with Stella Blum who said "Fashion is a social agreement. The result of a consensus of a large group of people." I feel thats how it started initially at least.

“Fashion condemns us to many follies; the greatest is to make ourselves its slave”
- Napoleon Bonaparte

For example: someone saw a worker wearing overalls and thought to themselves 'hey thats cool! I could wear those with a short tank top and it'll be cool.' So they do that and another friend or someone else notices and identifies with them and likes that style copying it or personalizing it by finding another cooler and more creative way to wear the overalls.....and so it continues and evolves till it's not so uncommon on the street . In the midst of this, shops and manufacturers notice that not just workers are wearing overalls and so produce more fashion forward versions of the clothing and advertise and publicize it maybe even getting a famous face to wear their brand of overalls and thus reaching more and more people, creating a fad or trend! A consensus of a large group of people that overalls are cool. And thats FASHION!

Take a plain low-priced product like jeans and embellish it with design. Suddenly it becomes a ‘fashion’ jeans.
- Howard Davidowitz

Now a days though we have fashion designers who create trends by trying to predict what people will like or or sometimes by trying to sell the idea to them unlike when fashion just happened. It's become about letting others do the thinking for you...letting retailers, designers, magazines and other large companies whose main aim is to profit set trends for you to follow. And thats where STYLE comes in when you have to decide what you are and what you want to express by the way you dress and way to live!

"I think fashion is about suspense and surprise and fantasy. It’s not about rules."
- Wolfgang Joop

It's great to be passionate about fashion, trends and knowing how people feel about what's in and what's may identify with some of them and follow those that make sense to you personally.....but NEVER forget to stay true to yourself in doing so. Follow your own muse. Influence others with your own creativity, personality and confidence.
Be yourself, because Everyone else is already taken!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Evening Gowns

What comes to mind when you see a beautiful evening gown? ...for me it's the Red Carpet and that in turn symbolizes glamor, elegance and style. Celebs seem to be able pull off evening gowns at a host of events red carpet events like award shows, premieres and parties. But when it comes to us regular think 'what occasion could I possibly wear an evening gown to?'

I asked a bunch of friends a couple of questions one of which was...when was the last time they wore floor length gown and I bet most common answers on the street would be the same - 'at my wedding' or 'prom night!'. Another question I asked was that 'If

“Fashion is what you adopt when you don't know who you are.” - Quentin Crisp

you did put on an beautiful evening gown how would you feel?' the answers included 'Like a celebrity', 'like a diva', 'glamorous!' and 'sophisticated' . So why is it that we shy away from long evening dresses?? One friend said they're for movies stars and come at movie star prices! I agree that evening gowns can be extremely expensive...but there are affordable ones out there too some can cost less that a simple cocktail dress and if they make you feel good then why not? are we afraid to stand out?

Now I'm not suggesting that you don a floor length gown to a neighbors barbecue party or just anywhere to feel good but rather use those special occasions like an anniversary dinner or a fancy dinner to add that glamor and star quotient to you life! So what if no one else at the party is wearing one...Be a Diva I say! Go Glam!
“The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”-Paris Hilton
And to help out here are some Fab gowns to make a memorable entrance to your next soirée

Purple Chiffon Pleated Strapless Gown
(Retail: $410 On Sale: $246

-BCBGMAXAZARIA Rouge Jersey Beaded Dress
(Retail: $380 On Sale: $199.99)

Black Shutter Detailed V-neck Gown-
(Retail: $525 On Sale: $315)

-Platinum sateen Twist Shoulder Dress
(Retail: $375 On Sale: $209.99)

-Midnight Stretch Charmuese Cross front Gown
(Retail: $575On Sale: $345)

Ivory Strapless Ruffle Dress-
(Retail: $575On Sale: $345)

-Aubergine Sateen Pleated Halter Dress
(Retail: $400On Sale: $189.99)

Teal Cowl Neck Satin Dress-
(Retail: $380On Sale: $169.99)

(Retail: $565 On Sale: $289.99)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fabuless Spring Looks!

To keep a Short story short... here are 4 Fabuless looks for spring-summer. All four looks are affordable, comfy and stylish!

Look #1- Cami by Day (my fav): A laid back casual look with a dark grey cami and white shorts teamed with the cutest pair of flat metallic gladiator inspired sandals and a quilted dark tote. [Total Cost of look: $70.99]

White Cuffed Twill Shorts: $15

Burnout Babydoll Cami: $19.99

Metallic Braided Sandals: $16.50

Quilted Tote: $19.50

Look #2- Day or Night: A tailored yet casual look with a short sleeve shirt and cuffed shorts made fun with a metallic handbag and chunky platform shoes. The look is great for both day and night. [Total Cost of look: $130.75]

Low Rise Chocolate Cuffed Twill Shorts: $15

Jardin Capped Sleeved Shirt: $15

Women's Canvas Platform Sandals: $29.50

Kathy Van Zeeland Metal Works Hinge Satchel: $71.25

Look #3- Sunny Twist: Fitted Mini shorts in Charcoal teamed with a feminine scoop neck Top in a pastel blue. The main focus is the bright yellow wristlet and matching ballet flats that shine thru making this look great for a lunch date. [Total Cost of the look: $167.94]

Karen Zambos Vintage Couture grey mini cotton shorts: $72.99

Scoop neck Puffed-sleeve Pullover: $14.99

Michael Kors Ranger Patent Leather Wristlet: $49.99

Nine West 'Denham' ruched satin ballet flats: $29.97

Look #4 - Cobalt style: A Casual look with a dash of color. Cobalt blue is the "In" color this season so I chose a chiffon tube top and matching sequin ballerina flats in cobalt blue but paired it with neutral colors- a black sweater (which is sold out-sorry) and a quilted tote along with white cuffed twill shorts...perfect for a summer night. [Total cost of the look (without sweater): $93.75]

Style&co. 'Hype' Sequin Flats: $44.25

Quilted Tote: $19.50

Low Rise Cuffed Twill Shorts:

Cobalt Blue Chiffon Tube Top: $15

Monday, March 10, 2008

Celeb looks Re-created: Jessica Simpson

Jessica's Casual looks are easy, comfortable and stylish. She can make a statement and turn heads in simple jeans or cutoffs. I love this particular look of hers....A simple rock tee, down jacket and long boot cut jeans accessorized with a leopard print hand bag, Loops, over sized sunnies and her trademark smile!

Leopard Print Parachute Bag.
Retail: $ 42 On Sale: $32.95

(left)Andrew Marc black Down 'Nicki' Fur Collar Jacket
Retail: $475
On Sale: $117.99

(right)Marc New York
Black Quilted 'Powder' Hooded Jacket

Retail: $415
On Sale: $159.99

(left) Life & Death Grey Foil Crewneck T-shirt
Retail: $75
On Sale: $39.99

(right) Junk Food faded 'Jimi Hendrix' Signature T-shirt
Retail: $32
On Sale: $14.99

(left) Earnest Sewn dar k wash 'Hefner' Bootcut Jeans
Retail: $198
On Sale: $118

(right) Yanuk frayed 'Cali Stitch' Bootcut Jeans
Retail: $250
On Sale: $119

(left) Fendi Dark Brown Oversized Sunglasses
Retail: $275
On Sale: $165

(right) Argento Vivo Large Hoop Earrings
Retail: $84
On Sale: $50

Friday, March 7, 2008

Celeb Looks Re-created: Lindsay Lohan

I'm usually not a fan of Lindsay's style (leggings are not my thing!) ...but I kinda liked this look of hers. A Multi colored mini skirt teamed with a black blazer and oh..those heels...I love it. I couldn't find a print like hers but figured since florals are in this season why not!
So here's what I came up with...let me know what u think.
(left) Alvin Valley Black stretch lapel Blazer
Retail: $560
On Sale: $289.99

(right) Trina Turk Black 1 button Blazer
Retail: $290
On Sale: $174

(left) Helen Wang Tulip Print Mini Skirt
Retail: $150
On Sale: $44.99

(right) DKNY Floral Belted Cover up Skirt
Retail: $68
On Sale: $34.99

(left) Yves Saint Laurent Black Suede 'Naked Kiss' Platform sandals
Retail: $695
20% Off: $556

(right) Delman Shoes Black Satin Wedge 'Linnie' Sandals
Retail: $295
On Sale: $69.99